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Monterey County Court

Status as of 5/18/2020

The Monterey County Court is closed to the public “except for essential parties who will be required to appear remotely via phone or video.” While criminal trials are currently set to resume hearings on June 1, 2020, there is no estimated date of when family law matters will resume being heard.

If you need to file a case, you can do so by e-filing, mailing in your documents, or utilizing the drop boxes at the courthouses. If you decide to file papers by mail or by using the drop boxes, there may be a significant delay due to the court operating with minimal staff as well as a waiting period to prevent possible contamination of court paperwork.

If you already had a court date, or mediation, cases are being continued and mediations rescheduled. There is no estimated date for when these will be set. The court is doing what they can to make sure things are done in a timely fashion and will contact you or your attorney with the new date.

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