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Grateful for Evan
Posted by Amy

I hired Evan after my divorce had been final but my ex-husband decided to take me back to court and open it all up again. We had done collaborative the first time, so this was our first time in court. Evan did an excellent job preparing me for court – which I was terrified of – and supporting me through the process. He was outstanding in the courtroom – we won everything that day. Due to situations beyond our control – an modified agreement was not reached for another 2 years. Even though the process was long and drawn out, Evan did his job well and kept the eye on the ball. He pushed when appropriate and gave in when appropriate. He is honest, fair and clear to work with – even when things were frustrating. I trusted him. He helped me see the big picture and focus on what was important. I’ve recommended Evan to two other friends who have used him and loved him. He is a fantastic attorney. Choose him and you WILL be thankful.


Honest, loyal and fair
Posted by A recent client

As a recent client of Evan Braunstein, I found him to be honest, loyal and fair. Throughout the divorce process, he provided me with hope and relief, creating a sense of calm and order through a confusing, painful time (divorce). He made himself available, especially when it really counted. He provided clarity and recommended alternative options that I had not considered or even thought of – for my benefit and the benefit of my children. Sometimes, as sure as I was “right” about a request that I had, he would show me that it may not be in my best interest. He also stepped outside of his comfort zone a few times, when I needed him to do so. I am much happier now that the divorce is behind me – and I have him to thank for that.


Highly recommended!
Posted by George

I am very pleased with Evan’s professionalism in handling my divorce. Even more so with the fact that Evan was consulting with me remotely. I was in the SF Bay Area and Evan is in SoCal. As such Evan was very proactive in keeping me updated on issues related to the case. He is also very prompt and responsive when I brought up questions and issues. I loved the fact that he will quote you a flat fee for the entire case at the beginning of the consultation. I felt his fees were VERY reasonable considering the level of service I got from him.

Considering that we were working remotely, I also wanted to highlight how Evan’s leverage of technology provided me a extra degree of convenient and service that other attorneys might not provide. Evan’s client portal on his website provided both of us the means to exchange documents for my case and for non-urgent communications. This really fit in well as I’m sure we both don’t always have the time to talk on the phone or drop packages off at the post office. The client portal serves as a general data and communications repository to review or revisit later. I feel this is a HUGE benefit to any client! Lastly Evan allowed me to video conference with him for certain milestone events in my case which I thought was a great gesture.


Shane L. Says

Evan is one of the best family law attorneys I’ve ever known. When I found out that my 23+ year marriage was coming to an end, everyone told me that I really needed good representation. Looking through many of the online review sites, I decided upon The Law Offices of Evan Braunstein and have been happy ever since. He helped me through this extremely tough period in my life, took the time to get me more than I ever thought possible, and was extremely fair with his compensation. I highly recommend Evan Braunstein to anyone who needs a trustworthy lawyer, confident and friend.


Anonymous Says

Sometimes you make bad choices on how to handle a divorce and you end up wasting valuable time and money.  Sometimes you’re lucky enough to cut those loses and find someone that is efficient, knowledgeable, personable, and caring, and you’re able to achieve your goals without breaking the bank.  Evan exceeded all my expectations and when the going got tough Evan was always there explaining things and willing to go the extra mile for me.  I learned a lot about the process and myself and I found Evan to always be accessible. I could not ask for anything more.  I highly recommend Evan!


Sam Y. Says

Evan represented me in my divorce while I lived in Michigan and my ex-wife filed in Santa Monica. He was very timely and thorough on getting everything done, and guiding me through the process. I found his judgement and advice sound, and would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer. I also found him very pleasant to work with, I think he legitimately tried to understand my perspective and had my best interests at heart.


Brittany A. Says

Evan is a great lawyer and very knowledgeable about family law! I had a unique case and was very anxious about the whole process. He kept me very calm and assured me that he was handling everything. It was comforting to know that I had someone on my team who was going to bat for me. He made the whole process as quick and painless as it could be and the outcome was exactly what I hoped for. I highly recommend Evan!


Charlie F. Says

By far, the best lawyer I’ve ever met. Mr. Braunstein is an amazing person with a huge heart. He is very knowledgeable, respectful, and gets the job done. Throughout my court case, he was always in contact with me. If i needed to get a hold of him, he would respond quickly. He answered all of my questions and his preparation was outstanding. Everything worked out well during my court date and I owe it all to Mr. Braunstein. If you are looking for an honest and genuine family practice lawyer, Mr. Braunstein is the perfect candidate.


E. Jessica C. Says

Evan is an exceptional attorney. He has helped my family through very difficult and complicated times. Evan has shown to be extremely knowledgeable in the realm of family law. He is timely and keeps his commitments. I never had any problems with communication. He always responds and follows through. Truly the care Evan Braunstein has put forth for my family and me is immeasurable. I cannot express how glad I am to have had him as my attorney during such turbulent times.


Rafael M. Says

Evan was honest straight forward and delivered his best. I had worked with other attorneys to obtain FULL custody of my daughter and none took the time and effort that he did. As a single father it was difficult to achieve full custody but Evan worked with me side by side in his office for countless hours preparing. I have full physical custody and I am preparing to gain full legal and physical.


Myatt P. Says

Evan was a huge help to me. He was able to guild me through all of the paper work and always looked out for my best interest. He knows his stuff and is the guy you want in your corner when the chips are down.


Great Pre-Nup Attorney
Posted by Jeff

I called Evan at 7 am, he picked up. I called him THAT SAME day at 11pm, he picked up. Case close.

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